Boston Ranger 55 Pencil Sharpener

Boston Ranger 55We all remember these pencil sharpeners from seeing them screwed to the wall in all of our elementary school classrooms. They are solid, as if machined from a single block of metal, and they all seemed to stand up to all the abuse class after class of grade school kids can possibly dish out over the years. The design is classic, and the top comes off for ease of emptying.

If you want one of these new from the store, you should probably order it soon, and make sure you are getting a genuine made-in-USA Boston Ranger. Blick may still have the old ones. If you are not careful, you will end up with an X-ACTO Ranger that was made in China. The old kind are getting more and more scarce in the stores, although there were always be eBay. The new ones look and work pretty much the same, and are easy to find, but the old ones will become collector’s items.

Luxury: 6        Affordability: 8

Want more luxury? Once again, the Spanish made El Casco line rules the high end of office supplies. The former gunmaker makes pencil sharpeners (and many other office supplies) to die for, at a price to die for. Try their $388 grey and chrome pencil sharpener.

Luxury: 9        Affordability: 2

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